How can I prevent videos from starting automatically?

  • Sorry if it's already explained somewhere, I didn't find it. How can I stop embedded videos from playing automatically (e.g. on youtube)? In most cases I do not want to start the streaming automatically as I do not necessarily want to watch the clip (especially on newspapers' sites and even more so if it's advertising). Opera 12 has settings to switch off animated pictures and play plug ins on demand only. Where is this in Vivaldi? Can this basic feature really be missing and this post should be in "Features requests"?

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  • Thanks. There are some interesting settings.
    But the basic problem remains the same. I clicked the last option of "Plug-ins" ('Let me choose when to run plugin content'), restarted Vivaldi to make sure, but videos on Youtube still start automatically as it uses html5 which is not considered a plug-in.

    Edit: It is possible to stop the autoplay on youtube using a chrome add-on "Magic Actions for Youtube" (using vivaldi://extensions ). I have not yet tried whether it works on other sites with html5 as well.

  • It's not Vivaldi or any browser fault, it's Youtube (and facebook among others) that have their own settings.
    For Youtube I use YouTube Center Developer Build 538, which has a ton of controls (and adds a download button too among a real lot of other additions)

    Facebook has its own setting in your profile settings

  • The mentioned extension works on Youtube only. Other websites' videos still start automatically.
    I already put this on "Features requests".

  • "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" @ has been working well for me.

    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2... for now...

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll try that instead.
    Nevertheless it would be nice to have such basics within the browser.

  • "Disable html5 autoplay" did not work for me. It works once after start-up and then it doesn't anymore.
    I then tried "Video autoplay blocker" which did not work at all.
    Magic Actions is the only one working for me, but only with Youtube.

  • Complete tracking data from add-ons is sold big style,nacktimnetz100.html
    This means that unless every important feature is achieved without the use of add-ons Vivaldi won't be my browser of choice.

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