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  • Hi, my problem is the following: when I fill in my username, for some reason it gets truncated to only 4 letters making it impossible to log in to the site I want. It looks like the problem is connected with Vivaldi remembering the same user name for another site, because when I try to enter some other (random) sequence of letters, it does not get truncated. Also, Vivaldi seems to think that the user name field is the password field (it suggests using a 'password for a user name', not a 'user name'). Clearly, I can log in to the site with other browsers, but the problem is annoying. Also, I don't want to delete the other credentials from Vivaldi's list (they work just fine for the other sites and I just don't remember them anymore to re-enter). Is there any simple solution to the issue? Or do I have to stick with other browsers to get to the site?

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    We cant guess which site it is. We need a URL to test it.

  • Well, this the site:


    I just thought this is perhaps a more general issue, not so much connected with this particular site 🙂

  • @syn_burz:

    (snip)…. Also, I don't want to delete the other credentials from Vivaldi's list (they work just fine for the other sites and I just don't remember them anymore to re-enter). (snip)

    Not about the login problem but regarding remembering passwords

    If you open Vivaldi and enter the url chrome://settings/search#passwords
    (use chrome:// because the setting is not available via Vivaldi UI yet)
    Under Passwords and Forms you will see a link to manage passwords
    There you can show each password that Vivaldi has saved.

  • Thanks TbGbe. I used your suggestions and deleted the other credentials from Vivaldi's list.
    Now, more or less, I seem to understand what the problem is. Assume that my problematic username is ABCDWXYZ.

    • I learned that it happens that my password (for another site) is WXYZ (the last four letters of the username; this pass was automatically created for me and I never changed it afterwards).
    • Vivaldi doesn't correctly recognize the username field on the problematic site - it thinks there are two password fields.
    • Probably because of the above, when I tried to enter ABCDWXYZ, Vivaldi automatically used the password WXYZ instead. This was the reason that from my point of view it looked like the username got truncated.
    • Moreover, it turns out now that it is actually impossible for Vivaldi to remember the login credentials to the problematic site - it asks if it should remember the credentials (actually 'the' password only), I choose YES, but at the next logging in there are no valid suggestions I could use.

    To sum up the current situation: after deleting the other credentials from Vivaldi's list I can finally log in to the problematic site, but the cost is that I have two sites for which I have to enter the credentials manually (the deleted one and the problematic one). This is a quite unsatisfactory solution for me.
    I think this automatic usage of WXYZ, when I try to enter ABCDWXYZ, is misbehavior. It just makes it impossible to log in and to some extend it is like 'trying too hard to make someone happy'. I hope that this issue will be somehow addressed in future versions of Vivaldi… For now, any other suggestions I could try out?

      <label for="username">NetID:</label>
    	<label for="password">Passwort:</label>
    ```Two INPUTs with TYPE=PASSWORD - how on earth should Vivaldi ever know that one of them is not meant as a password? Trying to "solve" this means asking the website developer to not misuse INPUT types.

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    Browsers cant guess, they decide which input field is for the username and which for password.
    The page is logically and XHTML non-standard crap. It breaks many webstandards related to Markup.


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