Use ram is excessive :1.4.589.11

  • Hello, In previous versions, I did not have that problem. Since the update, this problem is there. I am with Windows 10 x64 (with 8 GB RAM) and Vivaldi.1.4.589.11.x64 This is not a regular for a web page. During the use and navigation in Vivaldi, the tab can have a excessive consumption of RAM. The use of the memory increases abnormally for the tab. Generally when the bug is there, the links in the Internet page in the tab are inactive ,and i can climb/ down in the page. Refresh the page does not work. When the memory used is too important (large), Windows does not respond. The "Start" button refuses to be displayed, even for the Windows Task Manager. Before that Windows does not respond, Forced to close the tab. I can open the same tab again and do not have this problem. [attachment=4457]taskmanager-Vivaldi.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]


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