X Close button is not fit to the screen edge

  • Hello, After newest update X close button is not fit to the screen edge. If you move your mouse to right-top edge and click nothing will happen. You need to move it slightly left to close the program. Please fix this, it's really annoying. Regards

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    It works for me.

    I have seen a couple of issues reported that do not affect my version of Windows, so it is probably related to Windows Themes.

    1. Open the Settings Window in a tab or maximise the dialogue. Display All, and move the mouse cursor to the extreme right. The scroll bar works for me, but not for others.

    2. Gregor reported this exact issue in an earlier blog Cqoicebordel reported it as VB-20251

  • 1. Doesn't work for me too. Im using custom windows 8 theme called "Kemikal" from deviantart. It may be related to that but it worked in previous version. If I force native windowbar then it works as it should.

    2. Yeah it's the same bug as he reported.

    Where do you have bugtrack list? I can't find it to follow if it's resolved

    EDIT:: Nvm I couldn't find it. Reported new one and sent you number of the old one. Attached custom theme link to test.

  • The bug tracker is only available to Vivaldi and insiders, it is not publicly available. So the only way to know it has been solved is to check each Changelog as it appears.

  • I've been having this issue on Linux Mint for months but until the last update it was fine on Windows 7. I will probably need to start "Native Window" until it's fixed because it's slowly driving me crazy.

    I have also submitted a bug report, hopefully it will be addressed soon 🙂

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    In 1.5.618.8 still same issue.

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    In 1.5.618.8 still same issue.

    There's no need to bump the thread every time its not fixed. Let people know when it is fixed.

    @Cqoicebordel 4 weeks ago:

    It's confirmed. Depends on the OS theme too. VB-20251 if you want to follow it.

    Search each blog post for the bug number to see if it has been fixed yet.

  • Doesn't occur on 1.4.589.38 on Windows 10 with custom themes. Don't know if it was fixed or it's Windows 8/Linux only issue.


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