Feature requests for 1.5

  • Given 1.4 is now released it's time to start a new thread. You can find the old thread for 1.4 following the link below https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/features-requests/13358-features-requests-for-1-4

  • Frequent requests:
    1. Dockable Developer Tools -> under development
    2. Tree Style Tabs
    3. More customizable gestures -> recently we released a new batch of new mouse gestures. Which ones are missing? a) FlipBack/Forward assignable, and default for Expand/Collapse Bookmark Tree. b) Middle-click assignable default for PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick, c) Go to parent directory command
    4. Persistent content blocking
    5. Persistent image control
    6. Reader View -> already available
    7. Speed Dial - greater control of thumbnail sizes and number of columns
    8. Speed Dial - custom thumbnail images
    9. Drag tab to new/different window -> Available in 1.5.618.8 (Developer Build)
    10. History Panel -> under development
    11. Ability to position ALL bars in ALL positions relative to the web content, and to each other
    13. Vivaldi's own font rendering
    14. Re-sizable tab tiles
    15. Built-in ad blocking
    17. Sync -> under development
    18. Mail -> under development
    19. RSS Manager -> will be a part of mail
    20. Private/Incognito tabs -> private windows and tabs are available
    21. Movable buttons, add/remove buttons and UI parts
    22. Clear private data on exit
    23. Full password management/visibility
    24. Full autofill management
    25. Keyboard shortcuts for speed dials
    26. "Confirm to close all tabs" dialog, Confirm exit if downloads are active.
    27. Bookmark menu button on Address Bar.
    28. Image properties dialogue on right-click menu. Exif data, image dimensions, bit-depth, file format.
    29. MIME type support to save files in different folders, or open them with default applications, etc.
    30. Search with submenu for Context menu -> Implemented in Snapshot 1.5.638.3
    31. Allow editing of context menus

    Some long-standing Issues
    1. Show/hide Panel button on wrong side if panels on the right (VB-8055)
    2. Zoom does not work in About page (VB-9462) and other Vivaldi pages.
    3. Mouse cursor doesn't disappear when watching videos (VB-11907)
    4. Help Does Not Open from Settings Dialogue (VB-16346)
    5. Settings dialogue should remember its last used size (VB-16517)
    6. Option to continue to insecure sites (VB-17152)
    7. Find in Page toolbar should not be displayed by F3. (VB-18100) Ctrl F should toggle it
    8. Reduce speed dial spacing and use wide aspect ratio to fit more on the page (VB-19190)
    9. Default shortcut for Bookmark Manager should not be Ctrl B (VB-17731) conflicts with bold in many pages.
    10. Windows Taskbar does not always come up if on Autohide

    1. "Reload all open tabs" command
    2. Navigate to top of page by clicking a tab

    I really miss these two.

  • I'm a huge fan of 'Accent Colour from Active Page'. But, is there any way to make the transition from each accent colour smoother?

    For example, if you go to Amazon, the accent colour is yellow. Then, if you go directly to the Guardian, the accent colour suddenly switches to dark blue. The sudden switch draws the attention away from the webpage itself. Is there anyway to make the change between the two colours gradual? So, yellow would fade into dark blue? Instead of suddenly switching between the two colours.

  • **Very important:
    Sound Notification from Extensions, i.e. Gmail Notifier.

  • @Hadden89:

    and "go button" implementation.

    Go buttons for me (address field and search fields).

    This and the paste and GO on search and page fields are the things I miss more.

    Den_po has a mod for them, but being a tester this is unpractical for me.

    • Bookmark bar: Middle mouse click on a bookmark subfolder should open all containing tabs.

    • Bookmark bar: When opening a bookmark in a bookmark folder, the bookmark folder is getting closed. Would be great if it would stay open, so it would be possible to open more bookmarks at once.

    • Bookmark bar: When opening a bookmark root folder, hovering the mouse cursor over another root folder should open it without the need of a second mouse click.

    In short: Please take Opera's bookmark bar as an example. It has all three requested features implemented and has in my humble opinion the best bookmark bar of all popular browsers. Especially the first feature request is very important for me, cause it prevents me from using Vivaldi as my main browser.

  • 6. Reader mode -> already available in snapshots

    I do not know if before already had this option, since I've been asking, I really had not noticed this reading function lol, and already had! Thanks to this tip Pesala! 🙂
    Sorry for my English. 🙂

  • @Pesala:

    6. Reader mode -> already available in snapshots

    20. Private/Incognito tabs -> private windows and tabs are available

    Reader mode (via Page Actions) is available in Stable as well.
    Private/Incognito Windows are available. For Private Tabs use "Open link in Private Window"

    And in long-standing issues

    Pop-Up windows work [only] as regular tab (VB-3823)

  • 1. Master password
    2. Download manager stored last folder
    3. Close all tabs
    4. Open the tab middle click from bookmarks
    5. Warning message when you switch to private mode (as Chromium)
    The private word instead of a more appropriate incognito.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    1. Tab stacks improvements (especially stacks resizing)
    2. Download manager
    3. Ability to save session from active window only.
    4. CTRL + mouse click saves image
    5. Pinned tabs couldn't be hibernated
    6. It should be possible to select text which is a hyperlink
    7. Mouse middleclick (open in the background tab) doesn't work sometimes
    8. And the most important: performance, performance and once again performance!

  • –- repost ---

  • –- repost ---

  • Both for the Windows version of Vivaldi:

    1) switch to disable the execution of programs (on by default)
    This requires you to query the targets for the specific file extension and ensure that the file won't be executed on open. Additionally, you could maintain a list of Windows file extensions for executables (.exe, .com – but there are more).
    The fact that Vivaldi treats extensions like '.mp3' and '.exe' the same (when clicking 'open') is "problematic" for obvious reasons.
    Difficulty to implement: low

    2) removal of unnecessary files after Vivaldi has updated
    Alternatively this could be put into the update dialog (extra switch).
    This should be easy for you – and only for you – as you know, which files are actually needed and which are obsolete.
    I noticed that Backups were increasing in size. It turned out, that the culprit was Vivaldi leaving residues of old versions after each update.
    Difficulty to implement: low

  • Moderator

    Please add the following functions:
    1. View the download speed, add sound or other indication when the download is complete .
    2. In Tile pages concurrently scrolling of all pages in the keeping of certain keyboards etc.
    3. Make controls (mouse gestures) for folders fast access (currently for the return of the folder you need to click on <<*Name Floder)
    4. The option to customize icon extension field (background color, size, order)
    5. Supplement icons such as cut, paste, copy, and so on.
    6. Add the possibility to catch and move the icons on Web pages panels and extension icons
    7. Add Sesion manager to the panel
    8. Add History manager to the panel
    9. Consider the possibility of panels up and down
    10. Portable version
    11. More option for right click on Extension icons, not only Hide button
    12. Customize speed dial Thumbnails and Folders
    13. Better History manager (something like Bookmarks manager)
    14. Better Download manager

  • +1 for "8. Speed Dial - custom thumbnail images"

  • +1 for custom bookmark (speed dial) images!

  • 1. Save cached media to disk: on firefox I use cacheviewer (an extension) to browse the cache and easily save media content I visited (especially images).

  • Shouldn't search on new tab store search phrase (search edit-box) for newly opened tab? Currently search phrases are stored for tabs from which searches are triggered…

  • I would like to have the developers' focus on enhancing functionality rather than adding eye candy.

    Important things missing:

    • POP3-Mail-client
    • Content blocking/Ad blocking
    • Built-in possibility to switch off autoplay of html5-videos (currently possible with third-party extension only)
    • A unified settings menu. Currently some settings are in the settings menu, other things you just have to read somewhere and remember (e.g. chrome://settings or vivaldi://extensions) because you won't get there using Vivaldi's menus.
    • Not as important but would be useful with some sites: Different zoom options for pages using frames (i.e. independent zoom values for frames and content),
    • "Bookmark link" within context menu (right click).


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