Speed Dial Theme Scheduling ?

  • Hi, My name is Boris. I sugest my idea, The Vivaldi Theme Scheduling is backin 1.4, but after create theme and use, I noticed the Speed Dial Page don"t change... In the night, my eyes have hurt... because I posses a Dark theme and when I launch Speed dial, I receive directly in my eyes the white background... is not cool. Please add the Speed Dial Theme Scheduling. Regards, Boris. PS: The name "Speed Dial" page is cool (in all other language), don't change the name for "Accès Rapide" or "Nouvel Onglet", "speed dial" is unique.

  • Nobody ?

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    There's nothing to say about it. The developers have a great deal to do on speed dial yet, and may work in theme scheduling at some point or, more likely, just make whatever theme is in effect, also be more deeply reflected on speed dial. In the meantime, you can set a dark background for it.

  • Yes…
    although the day I prefer white walpaper

  • +1 from me!
    I think that the Speed Dial background should be part of the theme settings rather than separate.

    Whether you use a background image or a background color it'd be great to attach that to a theme. This way you could have a different image/color for day and night. Makes lots of sense to me...

  • I completely agree with @IdanAdar - plus the new window background image - that should really be under themes as well.

    I guess its tricky finding where to draw the line, as you could even argue that the contrast adjustment / accent saturation settings could be part of the theme.

  • Perhaps this thread could be split by the admins into the Feature Requests forum?

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    @idanadar Split how?

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