Some bug

  • Hey, love your browser, I use Opera more than 10 years. I found some bug: If you exit Vivaldi with settings page last open, it cant be start just the settings tab. I had to delete currentsseasion to start it. Other, when you logged in a page, and the Vivaldi ask you to save your password, and I close the webpage before I click to save to password, its crashes. Anyway I love it, I hope you fix these soon. Regard, Attila

  • Hey
    You dont have to delete the session. You can use CTRL+N to open a new window. We have now fixed so the settings window will not end up in this situation 🙂

  • I'm also not able to reproduce the crash, might be fixed for the next build we push out 🙂

  • Refresh takes news feed to 'Everyone' and cannot change news feed without going to next page.


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