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  • OPERA user for many years. I'm trying to change over, but have a few issues yet. Updated to 1.4 today. Still cannot get the sign in page on this web site: [url=http://][/url] Also, I preferred the 'next page' and 'fast forward' features on Opera. Vivaldi doesn't work the same way. And I really look forward to when we can customize the look with skins and making tool bars as we had with Opera 12. One more thing, and we didn't have it with Opera, but Internet Explorer had a 'hidden' feature for the browser in full screen. I'd love to have that in Vivaldi. Help on the first, hope on the rest.

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    Your URL doesn't work. Is this the one you meant to post?
    or this one?

    If so, I can get the login dialog by clicking on the "my account" dropdown on the left of the page near the top.

    You can edit your post if you like, to remove the double protocol statement at the front of it (just remove the http:// part) and then your link will probably work.

  • Yes, you have the url correct. I get the drop-down to 'sign in', but when I click on that sign in, nothing happens.

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    Do you use an adblocker or something? A pop-up blocker? Some security software? I get the login dialog.

  • Yes, it was Blur. Thank you.


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