Just got 1.4, now scaling is not working

  • The update to 1.4 (vivaldi-stable 1.4.589.11-1) just came via my debian update. Now scaling is not working; whereas before it would (apparently) remember the specific scaling I had set for each web site, now it just seems to use the most recent scaling every time I go to a new page. Also, the local jpeg file I use for my "home" page is no longer scaled to fit the frame, even though that option is checked in the settings.

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    Per-tab zoom is now enabled by default. You can disable it in Settings.

  • OK thanks. I disabled that option, now scaling is working as it was with 1.3. I would just add that with that option checked, it seemed liked the scale kept getting smaller every time I went back to the same web page (ie, smaller than the last time on that page).

  • Came here with this exact same issue. This really feels like a bug when you first encounter it.

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