Still no online bookmark syncronization?

  • Quite disappointing situation. What are people supposed to do when they need migrate bookmarks from one computer to another one? And please don't suggest some technical expert level tips. Not everyone using Vivaldi is working in the IT industry. So Vivaldi guys, when are you planning to offer this [b][u]CRUCIAL [/u][/b]function?

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    I ask this question EVERY TIME I open Vivaldi on any of my computers.

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    Sync is being worked on. It requires extremely complex bullet-proof code, plus a server farm. It's not a switch you can turn on.

  • Thank you for the feedback. I was assuming this. Though I am not an IT guy.
    When can we expect this to be realized?

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    No one knows. The standard Vivaldi answer is "when it's ready." We do not get ETA's or roadmaps. The best thing we can know is that a feature is being worked on, because then we know for sure we will see it at some point. Sync is not even ready for internal testing, so it will be a while.

  • I appreciate your feeback

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