Calculating on google via Searchbar

  • Hello, I am wondering why I can't calculate directly on the searchbar. I user Google fpr calculating prety often and it is a bit annoying, that I always have to open a new tab. In Opera I could just enter something like 2+5*6 into the searchbar and the result was presented directly under the searchbar so I didn't had to change the tab. Hope you have some Idea where this comes from. Cheers, Felix

  • Need to enable search suggestions

    1. Settings >> Search >> Check Enable Search Suggestions in<wherever you="" want="">
    2. Edit Google search, for Suggestions URL (not search engine address), set:
    3. Save Google search</wherever>

  • Not to be a smart *ss but have you thought about using the calculator built into Windows and keeping it open.
    I know this sounds like a work-around but in the past when I needed the calculator frequently I have found keeping
    the calculator open all day to be very handy. It's there so I use it.

  • Can anyone help me out so i can add youtube to my searchbar?

  • @Turr1caN:

    Can anyone help me out so i can add youtube to my searchbar?

    I use DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine with !Bangs to search multiple sites.

    !yt = YouTube search
    !gi = Google Images search
    !b = Bing search
    !a = Amazon search
    !here = HERE maps search
    !/. = Slashdot search
    !wra = WolframAlpha search

  • Thats awesome. Im using DuckDuckGo aswell, but didnt know that feature. thx mate

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