HTML5 for Brightcove player not working along with Twitter

  • Just started using 1.4.589.2 (Developer Build) (64-bit), I had to switch from Chrome after 8 years with Google Chrome, Now I've decided to switch to Vivaldi. Today I found some of the HTML5 players such as Brightcove, Twitter and among of few other sites (including Youtube Live Streaming) doesn't work on Vivaldi, However, the flash player works fine. On my Windows 10 Enterprise, Vivaldi apparently working properly with Brightcove (apparently it's platform for videos), Twitter, Youtube live Streaming and others (including NSFW websites). Currently, I'm on iMac running OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) with the latest version of Vivaldi Snapshot (1.4.589.2 (Developer Build) (64-bit)). I'd like to know how could I troubleshoot the HTML5 player issue on OS X? I have all plugins running as default. Any solution to resolve the above subject is highly appreciated!

  • Check chrome://gpu. If graphics feature status shows that hardware isn't accelerated you know why you have the problem. Then you can try to enable override software rendering list in chrome://flags. Restart browser and check gpu page again. Most should be working again. Fixed it for me. The culprit is chrome 53, earlier builds worked out fine.

  • I did enable these option, Still didn't fix the problem…


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