Unusable Menu Bar (Vivaldi 1.4 Stable)

  • Just dowloaded the 1.4 stable build and noticed that most of my menu bar options are greyed out except for those in "Edit" and "View". Below is an example of the issue from my Mid-2015 MacBook Pro... [attachment=4445]ScreenShot2016-09-08at6.14.23AM.png[/attachment] I've also replicated this issue on my Air when I downloaded the 1.3.582.3 snapshot awhile back before switching that one to the stable channel. Has anyone else encountered this? Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/55060/ScreenShot2016-09-08at6.14.23AM.png[/img]

  • I neither encountered this on my main machine when switching to the 1.4 equivalent internal builds, nor on two other systems that I just updated to 1.4 stable trying to reproduce the issue.

    Six months ago or so, I once encountered something similar where most menu items were grayed out and no window was created after an update. Quitting and restarting Vivaldi did not help in that situation but restarting the Mac did. So trying a restart might not be a bad idea if you haven't done so.

    It's a bit peculiar that you are encountering the issue on two different Macs, though. If the restart does not fix the issue, is there anything "special" about your Macs (e.g., they run the Sierra beta, low level system tweaks, or something like that)?

  • I just booted up the Pro again–still on El Capitan 10.11.6--not to long ago and reinstalled 1.4. It still happened until I right-clicked a tab and chose to move it to a new window. The menu bar now works like before. I also applied the same change to the Air while composing this, also on El Capitan 10.11.6, and all is well there too.

    Even if solved, I haven't done any major, manual changes to the OS that may have led to this issue happening in the first place.

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

  • I'm glad you figured out how to get rid of the problem. It is a bit strange, though, if it does happen again, you could also check if it's caused by an extension you have installed, by selectively disabling extensions.

  • I'm glad you mentioned that. I had it happen again, solving it the same way as before and then took your advice. The only extensions I have installed currently are uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere. Disabling the former did nothing to solve the issue, but vice versa brought back the menu bar's functionality on subsequent executions.

    Thanks again!

  • This just happened to me too, after upgrading to 1.4. All the pull-down menus are greyed out, I can not open any windows/tabs, there are no windows. Right now, Vivaldi is completely unusable. 😞

    I have rebooted, reinstalled 1.4 from scratch. Nothing changed.


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