PLEASE, replace the political language options with neutral words in the Installation.

  • Hi, Considering the complicated political region divides in the Greater China Region, it's REALLY RUDE to use 'Chinese (China)' and 'Chinese (Taiwan)' to indicate Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. In the Greater China Region, people in Hong Kong might think they are not part of mainland China(They politically are PRC citizens), and they use Traditional Chinese. And people in Taiwan is even more complicated. PRC claims Taiwan is a province of them, while Taiwan claims they are an individual country. The people in Taiwan also divided into 2 groups with totally different politics. And in mainland China, almost everyone believes they are citizens of PRC, and they also believe Taiwan is a province of PRC, which is impolite to tell China and Taiwan apart. Peoples in mainland China use Simplified Chinese. So in conclusion, it is best for Vivaldi to stay away from those politics. And the way to achieve this is to use neutral words such as 'Chinese (Simplified)' and 'Chinese (Traditional)'.

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    I think you make a valid point, but it's more likely to get noticed if you file a Bug Report

    It is considered rude to post in all capitals (like shouting to get attention). It would be wrong to jump to the conclusion that the distinction between Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan) was made for political reasons.

    Other software does use Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified), but then my Font Editor also makes a distinction according to region (this is for the local terms used for font attributes). It is probably getting this list of language regions from a Windows DLL.



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