Snapshot 1.4.589.4 - Vivaldi 1.4RC 2

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    [quote=palandreasfranksson] [size=4]The next Vivaldi version is almost ready, loaded with important fixes and a couple of new features. Headlining features of 1.4 are Theme scheduling, Web Panel improvements and the ability to restore closed tabs by middle-clicking on Trash. Please help us get 1.4 ready for launch by taking this release candidate for a spin![/size][/quote] [b]Known issues[/b] [li]Auto-update for Mac users is currently broken. [li]Widevine Content Decryption Module is missing, causing sites dependant on the component not to work correctly. [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Regression] Disable Keyboard Shortcut no Longer Enables Them (VB-20800) [li][Regression] History entry in URL dropdown cannot be deleted (VB-21017) [li][Regression] [Mac] Escaping fullscreen crashes vivaldi (VB-20886) [li][Regression] Persistent bookmark bar entry hover status (VB-20814) [li][Regression] Broken search field drop-down (VB-21025) [li][Fixed] Bookmark bar folder is not removed from toolbar when deleted (VB-20804) [li][Fixed] Bookmark added twice after confirming with Enter (VB-15345) [li][Fixed] Add Scots Gaelic to installer and settings (VB-20992)


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