Problems Setting Startpage

  • I indicated a specific page rather than STARTPAGE - Yet when I open Vivaldi it's back to STARTPAGE and my settings have been removed. How can I rectify this and how can I turn of this infernal spell checker, it's driving me nuts

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    Sounds as though there could be something on your machine preventing you from storing changes to your profile when you shut down. Do you run any 3rd party security software?

  • No, as I'm using a Mac, everything thing else seems to set OK ie homepage etc just not the startpage

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    Please tell me exactly step-by-step how you are trying to do this.

  • In the settings, first tab Startpage, open with Specific page/s the page I want Vivaldi to start with is set yet instead of starting with the specifc page it opens with Startpage.

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    Try specifying a "Homepage" (same page you are using) and tell it to open with the home page. Does that work?

    Also - I assume that when you specify pages, you are using the full URL starting with http or https://, etc. right?

  • I have tried setting it as the Homepage, specific page etc but no matter what I set it starts in Startpage

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    I've seen no similar reports from Mac users, so perhaps you should try a reinstall or refresh your profile.

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