Faster closing of tabs is needed

  • One feature that really should be implemented is the little convenience that chrome has, when closing lots of tabs. The feature in question being: When you close a tab, by clicking the X, the other tabs, that are after it, get moved forward, but don't change their size. This means that you can keep clicking without moving your mouse to close the next tab. The result of this is, that you can close a tab, and all other tabs after it quickly and easily. Currently vivaldi instantly resizes all the tabs after a tab is closed. This means I have to slightly move the mouse after every click and closing 10+ tabs in a row becomes a chore. Chrome keeps the tabs un-resized while you don't move the mouse, but maybe is it's hard to code, however I'm sure you can implement a 3 second pause after a tab close before it resizes the tabs.

  • I agree, but I'm sure this will be issues addressed in future releases because tabbed browsing and multiple tabs open at the same time is so widely used these days. You do know there are currently some options available, if you right click on any tab (preferably the one you're currently showing or one you want to keep) there are options to close all tabs which does exactly that, close tab which closes that current tab or another option called close other tabs which closes all tabs but that one/the one you're currently viewing. May help a little in closing some of those tabs.

    Just noticed I typed those options out of order compared to how they appear in the tab menu, however you should get the gist.


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