Problems with ublock origin?

  • As the title says, I've recently been seeing lots of ads on twitch with ublock origin A lot of the warcraft legion ads are showing up. Thought this might be a ublock problem so switched to firefox for a few days but didn't see any there. Anyone else facing this problem?

  • Nope, I use ubo but most of ads are block (some ads still shows up). Check if you have same adblock lists on Vivaldi and Firefox, and consider to add one, if you want more adblocking (however is not good block too many things)

  • I haven't encountered any issues with Ublock missing ads, but I did suspect that it was playing some role in an issue I was having with pages not loading in Vivaldi that would load just fine in Edge or Firefox. Consequently, I disabled Ublock and went back to using the Adguard desktop app in tandem with Adguard DNS. I'm still using Ublock Origin with Firefox on my Linux machine, though, and, again, haven't noticed any ads slipping through the filters.

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