Mouse Gestures (Suggestion)

  • there would be some way to separate the gestures ?, ie make them independently. than the same gesture (clone tab at the 2nd level / open link in a tab at the 2nd level) [attachment=4387]gestos.PNG[/attachment] maybe in the next "update" you could implement this option. Thanks in advance Attachments: [img][/img]

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    I would like it if it could be implemented as in Opera 12.17 so that commands can be concatenated with "|"

    GestureDown = Open link in background page | Go to end | New page

    What this means is:


    • If over a link, open it in the background
    • If not, go to the bottom of the page
    • If already at the bottom of the page, open a new page

    However, I doubt if we will see this any time soon. I think it's a low priority. There are so many other features that are much more important, and the development team is small.

    See item number 3 in the Feature Requests thread.

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