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  • Heya, One thing I liked about FF was that I could override the fonts used on webpages with those I had selected. Is there anyway to do this in Vivaldi?

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  • I believe you did not understand the posted information above
    What you show is the way to the configuration of the fonts to be used if the page to be displayed have no font definition to be used.
    In Firefox you have the option override setting the browser to render the pages with some fonts "even if the page set" different fonts for rendering.
    This does not exist by what I saw in browsers that use webkit engine as Chromium and others like Vivaldi.
    Here is the suggestion to implement this feature and have an edge over others.

  • @MSXManiac said in Force Fonts:

    Here is the suggestion to implement this feature and have an edge over others.

    So you want them to fork webkit? That does not seem very realistic aside from all the time and effort to do that then they have to continue to maintain it. I would think the reason webkit was chosen is because they did not want to do that and maintain their own engine.

  • Vivaldi only uses the engine and parts directly involved.
    I believe that they could do that!

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    @MSXManiac Can't you just use an extension to do that? All you need is Stylish, User CSS or any similar tool and this simple code:

    * {
      font-family: Comic Sans MS !important;

    Pardon my cynicism here, but I imagine that Comic Sans is the font of choice for people who override fonts on every website, regardless of the site's webdesigner choices. 😜

    Seriously though, using CSS you can set custom fonts for different websites or even single elements on every page. So I don't see any need for a built-in feature for such a trivial task, which would be used by an insignificantly small amount of users anyway. Especially, when the tools that could give you even more possibilities and flexibility in this field already exist.
    I think that there are more important things to fix (!) or implement in Vivaldi at this moment... 🙄


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