More people required for Bavarian translation!

  • Servus! Recently I started translating Vivaldi into my native language Bavarian. Since Bavarian has no official standard, it is very hard to make translations. For this reason, I would like to have several people on my team (the more the merrier), so we can properly discuss possible translations and give the best possible outcome. The currently used standard is defined by me (no definition online yet). You can have a look at the website on which it will be hosted: A future standard will also be defined by the community when it reaches a certain size. If you still want to join, you are very welcome. There are just a few things that I would ask of you. [b]Requirements:[/b] - You need to talk any dialect of Bavarian - You need to be willing to follow the currently used standard and actively contribute to it I'm also very happy to hear opinions and ideas to the translations, to the standard, the website or anything really! The current status can be seen here:

  • einen Bayern im deutschen Forum zu finden, dürfte ungleich höher sein

    (it's probably a better way, to search for bavarian users in the german section)


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