• Hiya, I'm a bit confused and could use some help. I was looking at the Extensions page, and saw a tab for Themes, which I really enjoy using, so went in there and spent a good hour browsing and installing a bunch. They all said "compatible with you device," and each showed that they'd been installed, but afterwards there were none listed under the Themes section. Worse, I can't find the theme files anywhere. Can someone fill me in on what I've missed? Am I doing something wrong?

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    I'm sure they all installed fine - but those are chrome extensions, and Vivaldi does not use the Chrome user interface - so you will never see chrome interface changes in Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi themes can be accessed at Menu/Tools/Settings/Themes. They are not picture overlays on the addressbar, but rather color changes that affect the entire UI of the browser. They will come with ever-more refinements and advancements over time.

  • @Ayespy:

    I'm sure they all installed fine - but those are chrome extensions.

    But I don't have Chrome installed. Never have. I've still got Opera 12.17 installed, but gave up on using it months ago due to every other webpage being broken now. Been using Seamonkey (ie. Netscape) until now.

    If those themes did install, where do you think they'd have gone to? I'd still like to save them; hopefully use the wallpapers, and avoid all that downloading having been a total waste.

    On a related note, do you think Vivaldi will eventually adopt "full" themes? If not, I'll probably re-enable that live wallpaper extension.

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