How do I migrate stored passwords to a new computer?

  • I backed up my entire .config directory before reinstalling Debian Jessie. I copied the old .config/vivaldi/default folder to the new Vivaldi installation. Quick dial, bookmarks, panels are all there, but no passwords. My understanding is the passwords are stored in a file called Login data' in thedefault` directory but Vivaldi won't import it. What editor is able to open it? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. My keepassx data won't open on the new system either, so the browser passwords are my only hope. 🤢

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    I have recovered these passwords using ChromePass, but they only recover to text. Once one has the text, however, one can re-enter the passwords over time, and once again have a full set.

  • Thanks Ayespy. I tried.
    As Chromepass doesn't run on Linux, I used a Windows computer. It won't eat the Login Data file from my external drive without a Windows password, though - which I don't have obviously. 😞

    Is there any way to read this damn file or hace I encrypted myself to death?

    Edit: maybe I should add the old hard drive was encrypted. The external drive where said file is backed up
    is not.

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    I backed up my entire .config directory before reinstalling Debian Jessie.

    Without any GNOME or kwallet keyrings in your Linux profile? If yes, you lost the encryption key to get Logins in Vivaldi.

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