Some sites don't display correctly

  • Hi, First of all, many many thanks for giving us the most promising browser. It's been my main browser for a while now, but I can't exclusively use it, because some sites just don't display as they should. Watch: Vivaldi: [img size=600][/img] [img size=600][/img] Opera: [img size=600][/img] [img size=600][/img] I tried with Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Vivaldi is unfortunately the exception here...

  • Those two sites

    Display OK for me (and videos on Juexvideos play also).

    Have you tried disabling extensions?

    Have you tried with fresh profile?
    Check Help/About for the path of your Profile.
    Close Vivaldi.
    Rename the Folder - e.g. Default.Saved - so that nothing is lost.
    Restart Vivaldi (a new Default folder will be created automatically) and check.

    If it makes no difference, then just delete the new Default and rename the old one back.
    Note: If the new profile solves the problem. Any Extensions used will have to be reinstalled (one at a time and recheck after each). Bookmarks files etc. can just be copied from the saved profile to the new one.

  • Indeed, you are right.

    The culprit was Privacy Badger.

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