Tab bar improvements and bug?

  • For some time I am hoping for some ui improvements within the tab bar. Now when I looked at it more thoroughly I have the impression there are some bugs as well. First of all, I am on windows, so it may be a bit different for other OSes. I usually have the thumbnails on, which increase the height of the tab bar, however, that leaves quite some empty space below close and minimise buttons in the top-right corner. It would be nice if that space can then be occupied by the trash button to allow the open tabs to have more room. [attachment=4382]vivalditabbar.png[/attachment] Next to that, there is quite some spacing between the trash button and the create new tab button. Which is IMHO also a waste of "valuable" space on the tab bar. I understand that it may not be good to have them too close to each other but, the spacing could be reduced quite a bit. In one [url=]screenshots[/url] on the dev blog I saw that the favicons were used as "placeholder" for the close button of the tab. Which I thought was a great improvement. But I never were able to try it out, as in none of the snapshots I have had, this seemed to work. It would be great if that can be added again, or am I missing something? [img size=200][/img] Then I notice that the close-button behaviour is a bit off when I have many open tabs (when tabs are getting smaller than default width): 1. When I turn on the "Display close button" setting, the close button only shows up on the current active tab when I hover that tab. Other tabs don't show the close button even when hovering. I first have to activate the tab to get it to show, or use right moue click and use the context menu on my touchpad-only laptop. 2. When I turn off the "Display close button" setting, of course the close button doesn't appear, but when I hover the current active tab, the title of the tab next to its favicon disappears. Last issue I sometimes have when I have many tabs open, is that the spacing between tabs (now something lik 1px) is not always evenly distributed. Between some tabs it gets more pixels while between others it disappears. Attachments: [img][/img]


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