Vivaldi needs Add-on's / Extensions ASAP.

  • Using Vivaldi on Debian, openSUSE and Windows 7 (I guess I am liking it much now lol) But, :silly: Seeing that most power users cannot live without the extra benefit of what good extensions add-on's offer and seeing that Spartan will have extensions, it is quite frustrating to find a very good browser such as Vivaldi devoid of this capability. You have a winner here: but to be a viable alternative in this war you will need to shake a leg on integrating and/or adding a powerful extension base and ASAP! Here is a very good Firefox list to consider ( Lastpass (=Xmarks) is a must have, something like a NoScript, Ghostery, Disconnect, Https everywhere, AdBlock Edge, Downloadthemall etc, etc. Vivaldi I am enjoying this browser, put in some color themes and add some good an needful extensions. :pinch:

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