Searching in adress bar is not working properly

  • Greetings from Czech republic guys, Since I started using Vivaldi I face one problem which I really do not like. Automatic finishing addresses based on history and bookmarks. I am used to from old Opera and what I want to reach is for example automatic finshing to index page.: Want to reach Address of Vivaldi web. - Start to wrtite "viv" and I except - I want to get offer of index page (or blank page) like "". everytime I write "viv" I get "" because this bookmark is saved. Same it is working with history, whenever I visit some page, it offers me this damn long url which leads to some deep area of the website. Is there some way (which I haven't seen), how to set it correctly, if is is possibe? the part of address it should offer to me is shown in attachment picture. Thanks for suggestions, Matt PS: if this is solved somewhere and I am just blind to see it, please forward me. Thank you 😎 Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Anyone please?

  • The matter is still far from being perfectly managed (opera's equivalent took many development years on that area).

    Whatever there are many related settings, they are in address bar, search and privacy tabs.

    You can play with them to tailor the function to your liking.

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