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  • Is there a way I can login and get my bookmarks and speed dial from anywhere?

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    Is there a way I can login and get my bookmarks and speed dial from anywhere?

    Not yet…

  • I generally don't trust online cloud storage. So I always have just exported my bookmarks and get that file to my other computers. Usually just a shared directory. I still have to redo all the saved passwords and such.

    With vivaldi I have multiple standalone version running. Instead of doing the export / import route I have been just coping certain files from the "user data/default" directory. So far looks like the following are whats needed to mainly get multiple version synced.

    login data
    top sites

    Sure others may want notes. history, and shortcuts etc to by synced.

    Would be nice if preferences could be copied but that might screw of vivaldi if settings are added or dropped.

    Now if I really wanted some way of sync my computers I could just have Crashplan (backup software) backup those files and I can pull them to any system I needed

    Guess I also need to test if this works with linux. I just did the export/import with the linux box..

  • Hi! Isn't implmented yet? Vivaldi is the best browser i meet, but, in my case I use many computers, if I have to configure and handle one marker by computer is very complicated, that's the reason why can't move completely to Vivaldi.

    I wait that feature.

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    Wait until Sync for local drives, LAN, own SSH/WebDAV/Cloud servers and Vivaldi servers will come.

  • Oh yes please. Sync via SSH. And/or sync to local folders that I can sync via SpiderOak. Pleeeeease. 🙂

  • Edit: Only "Top Sites" seems to work, and "History", "Cookies" work with a 10h delay, so maybe not the ref worth 😥

    For everyone who wants a workaround for now

    You can't sync Logins as they are Hardware encrypted (so far I understand) and you can't sync with your Phone
    For Windows it can work and Linux should also work but i don't use it so I don't know how
    Basically you need a Cloud or anything to sync
    And a NTFS File System or anything that supports Hard Link's
    In the Directory

    C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    There is everything that is sync worthy. Bookmarks your Bookmarks and so on…

    So now comes the syncing part Hardlinks pointer point to the same data as the original Data, so they is zero difference to them and they are limited to the same volume, so Gdrive for instance have to be on the C Drive.

    If you do not want to have your Cloud on your C drive you will need a software that syncs the folders with your hardlinks and your Cloud.

    I use for Instance pCloud as it's software allows it to sync specific folders on your System and it is in Switzerland (<- cool country) and is available on all Operating Systems, and has freaking free 15 GB (it's cool click on my reflink plsss)

    Make for every file you want a Hardlink with mklink /H or a software like SymLink Creator to your damn cool new Cloud Folder <- on C
    And then it should work sometimes

    Srsly it will not always backup but sometimes and that is fine for me.

    Someone could say thats a blatant attempt to get some sweet sweet refs...
    I will only counter that with maybe!

    My ref link
    1Gb for the information seems fair to me atleast 😋

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    @wet-rat Are you sure it's actually working? I've seen some people reporting that the browser removes hard links when it saves its data thus breaking that workaround completely. I haven't tested it myself though...

  • @pafflick Thats some intresting insights...

    Honestly I never really thought about that not working part
    From my change date it seems that

    Top Sites


    The others don't work

    I never looked at my Bookmarks honestly I just looked at the History and changed something on my Speed Dial and so it slipped by.

    But I can now gurantee you that these 3 work I even looked into the SQL and double checked it

    Top Sites seems to Update rather fast (10min) and Cookies and History is like ages but don't know why.

    This could be a Big problem and make them also useless

    So Top Sites work but hey you won't have to make custom pictures twice
    And when you turn on your 2nd PC for the first time in ages you have your new old cookies and History.
    Seems "alright" to me 😢


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