Importing from chrome doesn't import passwords

  • The title says it all, when trying to import passwords and bookmarks from google chrome, bookmarks are imported, but not passwords. EDIT: I should add, I am on Zorin OS (debian based) and am using 1.3.551.38 stable

  • I am having the same problem. I have tried to import passwords from Firefox also and no joy. I am running a sparkylinux OS which is also Debian based. Would like some help/info.


  • Hi, im/export of passwords are not work between browsers, not even between Vivaldi.
    You may can use an extension work on both browsers.
    Chrome and Firefox show passwords in plain text in settings,so you can copy them.
    It is a bit work but until sync work in Vivaldi the only, I fear.

    Cheers, mib


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