What's wrong with Vivaldi profile?

  • I am posting here - the all platforms section - since the problem - in my experience - exists in Linux (where I have used Vivaldi - snapshot - from its launch date until last month) and in Windows 10 (where I have used Vivaldi - Stable - in the last month). I ask what is wrong with Vivaldi since the profile it is not an issue with Opera (always stable channel) where I use the same set of extensions (mblock origin, vimium, https everywhere, selection search, surfeasy). Today - after less than 30 days of work with Vivaldi on Windows 10 - it has been necessary to reset the profile: first problems emerged a couple of days ago (last session gets lost) today it was the privacy and security section (logins et cetera). When I switched to Windows 10 from Linux I decided to go with Vivaldi Stable instead of Snapshot considering the corruption of the profile could be related to the weekly adjournaments of the snapshot, alas it didn't work, 3-4 weeks was the life of a profile and 3-4 weeks is. I don't think I have peculiar browsing habits, at least they have not proved to be so so peculiar in the past with Opera Presto, nor with the actual Opera, the only I thing that I do that I guess could be disruptive for the profile is a weekly "clearing" of cookies and other private data. The way I see it this is a major issue, an issue that should't exist in a browser labeled as stable. Talking with Ayespy I hear he has had a profile issue 1 time in 19 months, it would be interesting to hear more users to hear with what frequency they experience the issue, what are their browsing habits and extensions, so we can provide information that maybe could be useful to Vivaldi's team. At the same time it would be great to see someone from Vivaldi's team to post in this thread what they think about this. Thanks

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