Erratic GPU Usage

  • Quite the find I stumbled upon today, pretty awesome browser for a newcomer. Think I'll be using it for awhile and see how it develops. Not a fan of the flat, tablet-UI look, but I know that I'm fighting a loosing battle here, since everything is heading there, so I suppose I'll have to get used to it. Anyway, one small issue that is bothering me. Anyone else noticing erratic GPU usage when viewing videos? Take any 1080 60fps video, and the usage seems to prefer the 50% then it drops to 5%-7% for a few seconds, then back up at 50% - 60%. Actually viewing videos seem to use quite a lot of resources compared to other browsers. Naturally Opera and Chrome does not do this, otherwise I would not have mentioned it. - Windows 7 64 bit - Vivaldi 1.4(589.11) 32 bit, since I've heard 64 bit is experimental. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I can confirm, I had to disable Hardware-accelerated video decode in vivaldi://flags due to this weird behaviour. 0 frames dropped now

  • But Hardware-acceleration is a good thing, at least it should be. It's counter-productive to disable it…

  • That was before 1.4 stable, from 1.4 (and current snapshot 1.5.604.4) I can either set HW video decode on/off and yt videos at 60fps don't drop a frame anymore.

  • For some reason my GPU is used by 10-15% more when Vivaldi is running. Firefox + old Opera + Chrome 53 all together use less GPU than Vivaldi alone.

    Any idea what can cause this? I double-checked all options related to HW acceleration and they are the same as for any Chromium-based browser, Chrome/Opera.

    There is no video being played or any WebGl applications. It just bunch of forums/twitter/reddit opened and that is.

    I wouldn't consider this as an issue if it wasn't for +5/6C higher idle temps. That's… a lot.


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