Tab menu on dual monitor / Missing configuration

  • [b]Tab Menu Problem[/b] I use 2 displays ( Linux318 + Catalyst ) When right click on a tab and Vivaldi is right screen, always menu is shown left display's from top-left position. Please fix it. [b]Configuration[/b] I think missing: * Delete cookie button should be interactive. * No where clear cache (same as other chromiumish browser?) * Font configuration. [b]Request[/b] I want show/hide side tab panel feature because Vivaldi can put tab left.

  • Collection.
    Tab menu is always displayed from left monitor top left.

  • Yeah, I see the same problem (at least, my interpretation of your problem seems the same).

    On multi-monitor configuration, the context menu on tabs opens up on the primary display, not on the display that Vivaldi is currently running on.

    Can still use the keyboard to select what I want in the menu, but it's a little annoying. Funnily enough I can remember an old version of Opera had the exact same problem 😉

  • Thank you for you reply.
    Okay, I reported the bug. I believe it will be fixed.


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