Fn+F# suddenly starts/stops working as F#, instead of triggering its special functionality

  • Hey guys, I reported this issue under VB-21012. Meanwhile I'd be happy if any of you forum guys can suggest what is going on or if you have similar observations. I have a laptop Dell Inspiron N7010. But I imagine this can happen with other devices with similar keyboard option, read on. Many of the functional F1-F12 keys have a special function which is marked on the key. E.g. F2 enables/disables the WiFi, F4 increases the screen's brightness, and F5 decreases it. There is a setting in the BIOS (and I beleive it's also accessible somewhere in Windows 10's settings interface) which defines how the F1-F12 row behaves. The default setting is to have F1-F12 to trigger their special function (manage WiFi, screen brigtness etc.). If you want to access the usual F1-F12 functionality, you need to press e.g. Fn+F5 to refresh the page in the browser, where Fn is a special "switch" key on the keyboard. Ever since I have this laptop, I have set it the other way round: F1-F12 have their usual functionality. So F5 simply reloads the page in the browser. And only if I need to trigger the special function e.g. to increase brightness, I use Fn+F5. What I expect to happen F1-F12 should trigger their normal function, and Fn+F1,..., Fn+F12 should trigger their special function. For 6+ years this have always worked fine, through Win 7 Home, Win 8 Pro, and now Win 10 Pro, in all applications. What actually happens In the recent few builds of Vivaldi, and only there in, (other applications are still OK), Vivaldi sometimes suddenly enters in a mode, in which Fn+F# works as F#. E.g. in the morning I press Fn+F5 to increase screen's brightness, but instead I get the page reloaded. Or I want to decrease the brightness in the evening with Fn+F4, but instead Vivaldi's panels get toggled. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly triggers this mode in Vivaldi, and what ends it. But maybe you already have an idea what might be causing it. I'll provide further input to the bug report in case I come across one.


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