Refreshing Profile, What folders?

  • So I've encountered the every single page is not loading bug (if you want to call it that) and I saw refreshing my profile fixed it, problem is I dont know what folders in my old Default holds my essential stuff that I dont want to redo (passwords, bookmarks, start page pins style/layout?) can you tell me what folders I should move over into the new default?

  • Moderator

    Files it will probably be safe and useful to move over would include:
    Login Data
    Notes (if you have any)
    Top Sites (if your profile is not terribly old, the file is not huge, and you want your Speed Dial thumbnails back rather than re-fetching them using F5)

    Each of these files may have an accompanying .bak or -journal companion, but you don't need those. This will not restore your settings or theme or extensions, but you want to do those fresh anyway, in case those have something to do with your problem.

  • What folders in Default will this be located in? How do I put these from my old folder to new one>?

  • Moderator

    They're not in any folder in Default. They are loose in Default. You move them by simply copying or dragging them into the new Default folder, and giving permission for the new file to replace the old one, when asked.

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