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  • Hello I started using Vivaldi today. I tried to import Bookmarks from Edge (Favorites), It tells me it has done so but I do not see them anywhere. Please advice

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    Where have you looked for them?

  • File >> Import Bookmarks and Settings…
    And ..

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    No. After you imported them, where did you look them IN VIVALDI?

  • Hi. I looked for them in the bookmark panel. Is there somewhere else? Thanks

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    In the Bookmark Panel, they should be in a folder called "Imported." If not, they can actually be in the trash can. I have seen a couple of instances where a huuuuuuge number of bookmarks was reported as "done" and yet none of them came in. In such a case, one exports the bookmarks to an HTML file and imports that.

  • Thanks. I did it with a bookmark html file

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    Thanks. I did it with a bookmark html file

    You could edit your first post to fix the typo, and select the Green Tick icon to show that the issue has been resolved.

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