Maximum width of vertical tab bar

  • I haven't been able to find a fix for this through search, but I may just be slightly dense... Is there a way to remove the 260 (or so) pixel maximum width of the vertical tab bar? I have 1920 pixels of screen width to play with and while the panel sidebar can be resized up to around 60% of the screen, the tab bar stops far too soon. This is probably the number-one thing that I still miss from Firefox and Tree Style Tabs.

  • I found a solution - I was hoping to do it in custom.css rather than bundle.js, but it works.

    To double the maximum width of the tab bar, make two changes:
    search/replacen.maxWidth=260,n.maxHeight=rewithn.maxWidth=520,n.maxHeight=reand search/replaceU=260,F=32,H=20,W="vivaldiEndDragging"with```

    If someone finds a better/more permanent way, I'm all ears.


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