Logging into Zendesk support sites fails in Vivaldi

  • In Chrome (and Firefox) if I navigate to a website like: https://helpdesk.code42.com/anonymous_requests/new or https://support.tanium.com or any other site using Zendesk and click the Login link, after submitting the form when the page refreshes I am logged in and the webpage behaves normally. In Vivaldi, if I do the same thing, even though the form disappears and the page refreshes, my login has not processed. I am not logged in, and the webpage now displayed all of the links are dead and can not be clicked on at all. A refresh of the page simply restarts the same process all over again. Zendesk is a popular industry standard for support software. Of course there response is that they don't support Vivaldi, so hoping you guys can take a look at what is going wrong here, as it IS working in Chrome. Thanks.


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