Feature Request: Clicking 'Edit' on bookmark in panel should focus on Title field

  • I'm sure others might have a different opinion... like maybe place the focus on the Description or Nickname fields - but even if so, I would hope that most would agree that the LEAST sensible thing is for the focus to initially be set on the Address field (which is the current behavior). For me, I rename the Title of the majority of my bookmarks - whether it be to just trim the name on long articles, or give it a new name entirely. But I never, ever, ever change anything in the URL (Address). So the current behavior seems not very ideal to me and I would have to assume others might agree - even if they ~sometimes change the URL manually.

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    Here, it does not focus on anything. I have to press Tab twice to get focus to the Title field, which is the logical one to edit first. (That's using the Edit Button in the Bookmarks Panel toolbar)

    If I use the Right-click menu, Edit, then I need to press Tab only once to focus the Title field.

  • You're probably on a newer version than (still 1.2.490.43 here)… so perhaps the behavior has changed. But here, as soon as I click on 'Edit' from the right-click menu called up for a bookmark in the panel, input focus is automatically placed at the end of the URL.

    But either way - I think it makes sense to make the Title field have immediate focus.

    If I'm honest - I'd much rather prefer being able to just rename bookmark titles inline without the edit dialog...

  • FWIW, a lot depends on why a user edits his bookmarks. In my case, I have a bookmark collection with very stable titles, and most of the time when I edit any of them, it's merely to update their URL because the site has been moved to some different URL variant. This is quite common with government, weather, and news websites, in particular. Hence, I'm quite happy to have the cursor auto-position itself into the bookmark's address area since that's all that I'm usually changing. However, you may be making a good case for yet another browser setting (!) to allow the user to choose where he wants that default initial location of the cursor when editing a bookmark.


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