Audio Absurdity with Youtube Videos, but only some of them.

  • Greetings All, I have had a rather longstanding issue with audio on some Youtube videos using Vivaldi. Windows Vista 32 bit and Vivaldi 1.0.435.46 () (32-bit). To dispense with the usual basic help suggestions I will stipulate that I have checked all relevant volume sliders and mute toggles. In fact, when I play the problematic videos the green level bar in the master slider of the Windows volume control shows it sees audio from the Youtube video. The green level bar for Vivaldi does not indicate anything. I checked the page and the WEBM video does exactly what the Youtube videos that I have problems with does: No audio, level movement on main volume of Windows and no level movement on Vivaldi's slider. Ogg/Theora and H.264/MP4 work fine. WEBM and Ogg/Theora work fine in Opera 12, though H.264/MP4 does not. So I am thinking it is a WEBM/Vivaldi issue. I am vaguely aware that there are a bunch of Chrome settings buried in Vivaldi that are not presented through the Tools diolog so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a simple setting fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dio

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