POST not supported in Search?

  • I've just discovered there is no field for defining a search entry with POST support. Quite a surprise :blink: Is there a way to trick a search into doing a POST insted of GET?

  • Moderator

    This is a unfixed, but known bug in Vivaldi. VB-3414 "Cannot add search engine using 'POST'"

  • I am using 1.10 stable and 1.11 snapshots.
    There still is not a way to do a create a custom search using "POST" .

    At work, we have created a number of searches for our company's WIKI,
    and to reports.

    There is one report that we can not create a custom search because it uses "POST" instead of "GET" (all the other reports use "GET").

  • It's not totally impossible. There is a "Use POST method" checkbox in the search engine settings, you can add the url manually and then check the box.


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