Inaccurate link when downloading files

  • Vivaldi has a great feature which allows to copy (to clipboard) the link of a downloaded file (I mean the "download manager" panel). Unfortunately in many cases this link isn't correct - it doesn't point to the actual file location, but to some intermidiate page which redirects to the proper location. The download itself goes fine in all cases. However if a user prefers to use another download manager instead, it would be much handy to provide the correct download link immediately. Here are few recent examples (I use Maxthon or Opera 12.17 to discover the correct link): [table] [tr] [td]What[/td] [td]Link provided by Vivaldi[/td] [td]Link provided by other browsers[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td][url=]Arduino IDE[/url][/td] [td][url=]download_handler.php[/url][/td] [td][url=]arduino-1.6.11-windows.exe[/url][/td] [/tr] [tr] [td][url=]GenyMotion (needs registration)[/url][/td] [td][url=]Download Handler Page[/url][/td] [td][url=]genymotion-2.7.2.exe[/url][/td] [/tr] [/table]

  • The problem happens with 1.4.589.11 as well.

    | What | Link provided by Vivaldi 1.4.589.11 | Correct link |
    | Memu | download.php | Memu-Setup.exe |
    | Nox APP Player | fullPackage | nox_setup_v3.7.3.0_full_En.exe |

  • works for me in latest snapshot, I see Memu-Setup.exe in both download confirmation and in the downloads panel.

  • The problem isn't fixed in 1.5.658.44.
    Checked when downloading Cura on request: for the downloaded file Vivaldi returns same link to the request page, though I would expect it provided the link to Cura-2.3.1-win64.exe .
    I hope it will be fixed in 1.6 :)

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    @AntonK I can download that file (despite filling the form with random data) here on Vivaldi Stable 1.5.658.56 (32-bit) on Windows. I haven't had problems with downloading any other files in Vivaldi so far. Are you sure it's a browser bug and not another common issue, like eg. some extension causing an interference?

  • The issue still isn't fixed completely in 1.6.689.40: when downloading Firefox from the official site, Vivaldi returns the link to the request page, though the correct link is Firefox Setup 51.0.1.exe.

  • Same problem when trying to download Maxthon from the official site: Vivaldi thinks the file is downloaded from an intermediate page, though the exact link is mx5.0.2.1000.exe.

  • Same problem when downloading Skype full installer via the official link: Vivaldi returns same link for the downloaded file, while the correct link should point to the exact file (like SkypeSetupFull.exe).

  • every link works on 1.7 snapshot; It'll be fixed for the 1.7 stable which should come soon ;)

  • @Hadden89 said in Inaccurate link when downloading files:

    every link works on 1.7 snapshot; It'll be fixed for the 1.7 stable which should come soon ;)

    @AntonK is talking about the the right click "copy download address" in Downloads which still doesn't copy the file location on my latest snapshot.... 1.7.735.36

  • @CantankRus , you're right - the issue is about copying downloaded file link to clipboard from the downloads panel.
    I can confirm the issue isn't fixed in the latest stable version 1.7.735.46.

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