Finally, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't know where else to place this, so I'll do it here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! When Opera decided to become Chropera, I thought that I would never see my old dependable friend again! I had been using Opera as my main browser since 1998. When they decided to drop what made it special, I was angry, disappointed and deeply saddened. I tried Firefox and many other browsers in the interim, but none of them felt quite [i]right[/i]. I even tried the new Opera for a little while, but it began to have more & more problems and the people who were creating it didn't care what its users wanted. If you said anything against the new browser their forums, you were derided for complaining. It wasn't until today that I discovered Vivaldi and found that my old and beloved friend had returned! It had a different look, and still didn't use the Presto engine, but it FEELS more like the Opera I knew and loved. It has many of the options the old Opera had and that the new Opera said weren't possible. That was pure hogwash, I always knew it! Even after only an hour, this has now become my default browser and if it keeps going in the same direction, it always will be. Keep up the great work guys! It is nice to be using a browser that I actually enjoy using again. You're the best!!

  • Vivaldi was created by the creator of Opera, so it's got the best possible chance of becoming a true replacement. That won't happen overnight though. We're still waiting for the mail client, and any number of other favourite features.

    See the Feature Requests thread.

  • True. As soon as I learned that one of the creators and CEO of Opera had left the fold and why, then decided to create another browser, I came here as fast as I could. The Red Priest is my favorite baroque composer, so it was fitting that what is now my favorite browser was named after him.

    The more I use this browser, the more I like it and the more I see of the original Opera lineage within it. When Opera turned into JACC it lost everything that had made it special and distinct. Chropera isn't even as good as Chrome or Firefox. It is not as stable as they are and, at least on my computer, it takes forever to load even simple websites. The creators of Opera have stopped listening to what their users want and just crank out what they like. I have given up on Opera and have ditched any versions of it entirely. I now use Vivaldi as my primary with Firefox and Chrome as my back-ups, in that order.

    I look forward to seeing just how much better Vivaldi is going to get. Goodbye Opera, it was nice while it lasted, hello Vivaldi.

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    I totally agree. Vivaldi is going through some growing pains but after one afternoon it became my default browser.
    It's the performance that got me. There are some tweaks I'd like to see done but Vivaldi is better than Chrome or
    Firefox in my book. 🙂

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