Activation Code Doesn't Work

  • I can't activate my account from the email received. Both methods offered do not work: 1. Directly clicking the Activate Account button, or 2. Copying and pasting the code onto the activation page. The error message I get is: Sorry, the token provided cannot be found. What gives?

  • Mine does the same thing and doesn't offer a resend. Not a good start to using this browser?

  • Moderator

    This topic has nothing to do with Vivaldi on Mac. It is a " community" topic, and belongs there. The browser itself requires no activation. The only thing that has to be activated or verified is your user profile to post here, and here you are, posting. I wonder What's up with the error messages, if you in fact have a profile and can post?

    In any event, if this material is posted under a Community category, there's a good chance Tatsuki will see it, and may be able to work with you to do something about it.

    That said,


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