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  • Hello, Here you go some few suggestions [ul] [li]I can't simply drag and drop a bookmark to a single webpage and change it location on my bookmarks bar (only works with folders)[/li] [li]Can't just hit "rename" and leave field empty to save only bookmark favicon[/li] [li]can't right click on bookmarks which is in folder.[/li] [li]can't reload all my favicons[/li] can't drag and unplug a tab for a separate browser window [/ul] Thank you :)

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    Until the bookmark bar code is completely written to give it all its capabilities, you may want to familiarize yourself with the bookmark panel, which does all those things.

    You can set the bookmark bar to show icons only. That way you don't have to save blank bookmarks.

    Bookmark bar is not fully coded.

    "Reload all" is not available for favicons yet. However, F5 reloads an entire folder in Speed Dial, which has the added benefit of also fetching favicons for those bookmarks. These favicons don't show until you restart the browser.

    Tab dragging is being worked on. Our backstage version of the browser has it - but it's not ready for prime time. In the meantime, you can move tabs to new or other windows with the right-click context menu.

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    See item number 9 in the Feature Requests thread.

    Forum Suggestion: Use the light-bulb icon for suggestions, exclamation for bugs, and red cross for crashes.

  • Thank you!!
    All clear!.

    Started to love Vivaldi :)

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