Annotation in Medium does not work…

  • I am not sure why this happens, I am not sure this is a universal problem or Mac specific (I am a Mac user) but... I frequently read [url=https//]Medium[/url] which has become, in many respect, some sort of an example of how to do really great blogging sites. One feature of medium is to comment and highlight: one can select a text, it can be highlighted, commented upon, etc. You have to be logged in to do that. Well... whereas this works well on, say, Firefox, it does not seem to work on Medium. I am not sure where the problem is.

  • To illustrate the issue, I upload two images: one where I get the possibilities via Chrome, the other via Vivaldi. B.t.w., I log in via Twitter, that may explain the twitter logo on the popup.

  • I knew the issue was coming from Medium's User Agent handling.
    When I changed Vivaldi's UA as Google Chrome via extension, it worked as same as Google Chrome.
    I reported this issue to Medium a while ago they didn't response it.

    I think somehow Vivaldi team needs to take some action for it even if it's their site issue.

  • Moderator

    Please report this bug precisely and reproducible at
    Some of our team will contact then.


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