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  • It has been awhile since I logged in, I had decided to wait awhile to check on the progress of this browser and see if the feature would be enabled. I would like to see the old keyboard shortcuts brought over to Vivaldi. I still feel this would be helpful to be able to use single key shortcuts and assign functions to shortcuts as well just as we used to in opera. I am still stuck using opera 12 while i wait for VIvaldi to make these changes.

  • Single-key shortcuts have been available for ages, and assigning of custom shortcuts.

    What, specifically, are you missing?

  • I hate the fact that ALT-D doesn't get me to the address bar as in every other browser. It's a reflex action, I do it a dozen times a day and it's going to take me ages to remember to do F8 instead.

    PS.. Just discovered you can go to Settings, Keyboard, Page, and add Alt-D to "Focus address field". Problem solved, but would be better to have it standard as in other browsers.

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    It can't be an international standard, is it should open "menu" in Germany.

  • How do German Firefox or IE/Edge users deal with this?

  • Click button&Switch to next page

    Assigning functions like this as single key shortcuts is what I was referring to. I have guides built around using stuff similar to this in opera 12…matter of fact the fully proper to use one is as follows.

    deselect all & Focus previous widget & Focus previous widget & Focus previous widget & Click Button & Switch to next page

    This would be assigned to a specific key of users preference. The ability to build out long complicated strings really helped me out.

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