drag and drop not functioning

  • I am unable to drag and drop or rearrange a list with what I believe is some form of Ajax. I am currently using a task manager. Works in Chrome...

  • Which Vivaldi version did you encounter the problem with? I just tried both 1.3 stable and today's internal build and with both versions, Asana seemed to work fine, including reordering tasks within a project via drag and drop and moving a task from a project to a different project via drag and drop. Do those things generally not work for you or only occasionally not? If it's the latter, does it take some time for the problem to develop?

    I use Asana a lot, but always in its own Safari-based Fluid app (because that allows me to switch to it from everywhere using Alfred), so I don't have a lot of experience with how Asana works with Vivaldi, but at first glance, everything seemed to work as it should.

  • I encoutner the same problem here with the newest version. ( 1.5.658.42)

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    That is a known issue coming from the Chromium code-base used for Vivaldi. Chromium has broken HTML5 drag&dop with webviews.
    This bug is known for Chromium developers for more than 2 years and they don't fix it. See

    We have to wait, sorry.


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