Work-around: Creating a New Bookmark Folder in Vivaldi 1.3

  • Hi, One issue I have been facing is that once my bookmarks manager fills up with bookmark folders, invariably new folders end up getting created as subfolders even if I prefer to create them at the top-level. There just isn't anywhere to click so that the folder gets created at the top level. I have just been dragging new folders to the top level. But I found a way to work around the issue that makes more sense to me. So, I thought I would share it. Typically, I want to create a top-level folder to accommodate a new bookmark. So, I create the bookmark and store it in the default Bookmarks (top-level) folder. Then I open a new tab. I have my new tabs open to the Start Page. So, from the Start Page, I click on the Bookmarks manager sub tab. If I click on the new bookmark and then create a new folder, the folder is stored at the top level. This also keeps you from having to precisely drop a folder between two other folders to get it to the top level. I only have folders at the top level. So there is no bookmark "meadow" to drop a new folder into. Maybe this procedure makes more sense to you than what you are doing now to create bookmark folders. I hope this helps. Mike


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