Some website don't work properly

  • Is a good example... I can go through that website until a certain page and then it just stops working. By stop working I mean I can't go back to the previous page or even when I type in the original domain nothing happens at all Other browsers work fine thx

  • Works rather normally for me, even with Ublock Origin deactivated.

  • Moderator

    Same here. I clicked on about 15 articles on that website, scrolled down on each one, but I never experienced any issues. I used 1.3 stable without extensions and with no flash installed on the system.

  • It happens after some time… Last time I went through about 20 pages then that's when it started. It's like it's having difficulties to connect to the previous page or any new ones from that site

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    I gave it another shot and clicked through a bunch of pages, let the tab with the website sit there for half a day, and then clicked through a bunch more pages, but the problem never materialized on my system.

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