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  • 😞 Flash player will not load. I go to Facebook and try to load Farmtown and it will not load. It needs Flash Player. Help.

  • Try installing the PPAPI version of Flash here https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
    Hope that works, if not we do have some more flash fixes upcoming that might help

  • Following the recent cascade of bugs in Flash is it possible:
    1. Run all Flash as another user - not login?
    2. Compile "Gnash" from Linux, and use this?

    The (1) is an Android kind of solution, where you make one group "Internet Tools" and "Java" and "Flash" as users.
    Then start Java and Flash as their user, and this provides a tool to manage security outside the browser. I know this can result in e.g. not enabling upload of files, but it also stop prying into files. "Internet" can "own" the browser cache and all browser files.

    Most computers now have two modes: User and "Administrator" - being local or remote. So, lets reinvent the concept of users.


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